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Ether Real (My Own Island)

House both faithful to its musicians and eager to discover, Audiobulb often proves to be an ideal place to meet new faces and make new acquaintances, all over the world. Here, it is from Argentina that OdNu comes to us, after a first long-format, not listed on these pages, for a music between post-rock and ambient, based on lascivious guitars and rather fine treatments. If we know this musical style well, with its few limits that can be too great a languor of the whole, at the limit of emollience, we are always interested in this register, often capable of easily making our mind wander.

Very clearly, it is, with My Own Island , the objective of Michel Mazza , between invitation to reverie and poetic touches, present from the titles of the album or the different pieces ( Ice Covered , Slowly But Surely , Plant A plant ). Musically, the slow intertwining of electric guitar is enhanced by higher-pitched interventions of a charango, the warmer contests of a clarinet or clearer synth notes ( Distorted Hope). In order to counter the risk of softening that the six-string lines could confer, especially when they are provided with slightly dripping effects, the Argentinian fortunately knows how to position some electronic contributions, like mini-explosions and sounds percussive from Exhausted .

Over time, the dragging treatments affixed to almost all the materials (including the voice of Michel Mazza, on Admit You Were Duped ) can be a bit tiresome and leave you waiting for something rougher. But, for those looking for a calm and comforting album, this proposal from OdNu proves to be a perfect companion.

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Slow Music Movement (My Own Island)

Sonic sands endlessly shift at a granular level on the whim of OdNu's guitar & six string triggered synths, as a seemingly endless array of micro sounds blink like fire flies all around the Dolby Atmos surround soundscape on this utterly mesmerising & magical electroacoustic ambient LP via Audiobulb, & available in immersive audio format 

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Igloo Magazine (My Own Island)

OdNu’s My Own Island (following-up from 2021’s Expansive Nothingness, also on Audiobulb) opens with tranquility and utter finesse via “Long Ago;” ambient bubbles burst, subdued found sounds, effervescent clicks, and instrumental threads take us into relaxed and wide open landscapes. The Buenos Aires and Hudson, NY-based audio exploration dives into an “immersive music realm” and his first Dolby Atmos album. As the release unravels, it’s clear that these micro-shoegazed moments (“Remote Controlled Human,” “Ice Covered,” and “Exhausted” ) introduce elongated guitar strands and blurred voices—courtesy of idiiom—deep down in the mix. Coming to life, capturing our senses, and massaging nostalgic memories as shuffled notes drift in front of our eyes. The title track timidly provides textured beat patches way off in the background, as those fleeting voices call back to us again.

Guitar flickers intertwine with delicate synth tones and drones on My Own Island. It’s a creative surplus of dense yet minimalist extractions that call out to nature; an organic overflow of simplicity. Rendered blips and disheveled bleeps recall times gone by as emotive soundscapes compliment any mood. Ultimately, OdNu designs unique aural vistas we’ve yet to discover, and the voyage getting there is simply sublime. If “Plant a Plant” doesn’t lift your soul or shift your focus, we’re not sure what will.

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Dear Reality Blog

Produced in binaural audio with dearVR MUSIC and recorded throughout the weird year of 2020, the textural and experimental guitar ambient album Expansive Nothingness by music producer Michel Mazza (aka. OdNU) channels his feelings on the events that took place during the COVID 19 pandemic. He discovered that even the most intense, chaotic and surreal realities can become harmonious when we don’t let fear control us and allow ourselves to observe from a perspective of expansive nothingness.

Michel used the electric guitar as the main sound source for his album. It's always very processed and sometimes almost unrecognizable, pushing its sound to the breaking point. Loopy leitmotifs come and go, creating a space that for a time seems unable to contain itself. In the following, he gives an insight into the production and shares his creative process within the world of binaural audio.

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Igloo Magazine

We could all use some rest and relaxation in this turbulent and often anxious-filled world where everything happens at lightening speed, news flashes come into and out of view only to be replaced with some other distraction.

OdNu’s Expansive Nothingness is an aptly titled full length album on the ever-dependable Audiobulb imprint, and diving in without any background about OdNu, it is refreshing to learn that these tiny sound sculptures glow and spark in all the right places—fragmenting and evolving along the way. Each piece is filled with tranquilized microscopic glitches, found sounds, flowing instrumentation, and fluid tones’n drones drifting in the background. Cinematic moments are featured throughout, offering a glimpse into the artists’ vast musical arrangements as they create otherworldly and colorful soundscapes. Strings merge with tangled ambient shifts as miniature melodies flicker and pulse.

As if to shine a light on hazy dreamlike states of consciousness, OdNu carefully plucks away—offering vast pseudo-shoegaze entanglements, blending organic sounds with digitized fizz-fuzz compositions. A dense yet carefully executed album that is at once blissful and brittle as it is contagious and captivating. If ever there were a more on-point title, this expansive nothingness is fully explored.

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Felt That

OdNu is an alias of Michel Mazza, residing in Hudson, NY, originally from Buenos Aires.

His new album is an absolute delight to listen which you can not so easy file into experimental ambient/soundtrack file. 

Composer's extensive study of musical matter and studio techniques and experience with composition and instrumental velocity brings something quite unique - a deeply organised album of wonder, evocative, lyrical and with experimental edge to it. 

The main instrument here is guitar but Michel but there is synths, there is field recording and other instruments. It brings out the best out of those thanks to how he operates with his own musical language. And it is a language of both simplicity and opaque complexity that he knows exactly how to conduct.

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African Paper

Michel uses the electric guitar as the main sound source for this album but always very processed, sometimes to the unrecognizable and often pushing the guitar sound to the breaking point. Loopy leitmotifs come and go knitting feelings and ideas and creating a space that for a time seems unable to contain itself. In this way he is able to create music that is visceral, raw and dramatic and he pushes sound to experimental directions without losing clean and recognizable melody and emotion.” (Audiobulb

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Irregular Crates

‘Lejano’ will be the latest album to be released on Girasol Music, coming August 2017; written and produced by Michel Mazza, the New York-based ambient and experimental musician under the name of OdNu. The album is filled with short, expansive pieces that are the outcome of experimentations with MIDI guitar to trigger a variety of field sounds and instrumental recordings; extending the typical abilities of the instrument into exploratory and augmented places and creating something truly unique.

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Slow Music Movement  (Ronroco Rococo Memories)

From his US residence, Odnu astral projects back to his South American roots to celebrate the Ronroco, a modern descendent of the centuries old, once tortoise shell hewn Andean stringed instrument. Incredibly using it as the only sound source, he deploys electronic alchemy to deconstruct, morph, reconstruct, shatter again, then painstakingly arrange the instruments folkloric vibrations into a deeply moving, Latinfuturistic odyssey that soar over the mountains to embrace a vibrant, vivid, electroacoustic ambient future.

Igloo Magazine (Ronroco Rococo Memories)

We can imagine the beauty of sound emanating from the Ronroco and its calming cascade, maybe because of the smaller sound particles that manage to make their way through the mist and delicately slide down jagged mountainside slopes as depicted by the cover artwork.

Acoustic textures flowing with micro-organic tones

The Andean Ronroco is a stringed instrument, and Rococo is a dramatic and ornamental architectural, artistic, and decorative style. These references serve as the basis for Ronroco Rococo Memories, a densely packed 11-track album with tastefully placed acoustic textures flowing with micro-organic tones. The raison d’être of this Argentine-born and NYC/Hudson, NY-based artist (aka Michel Mazza) is that he hears music when he sees images and vice versa. This is made clear as the album shifts between acoustic and mild electronic parts, experimenting with various audio methods, moods, and emotions along the way.

Although adjectives like “cinematic” and “otherworldly” are appropriate, there’s a more subtle, palpable message conveyed here. We can imagine the beauty of sound emanating from the Ronroco and its calming cascade, maybe because of the smaller sound particles that manage to make their way through the mist and delicately slide down jagged mountainside slopes as depicted by the cover artwork. Highlights appear in many shapes and forms, including “Unused,” “Under the Igloo” (how appropriate!), “Radiance ,” “Meaning,” “La Ultima Vez,” and the closing brittle beat-patches of “Arena y Sol.”

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